WHEEL ALIGNMENT INSPECTION and Repair in Mississauga serving Brampton

If you are driving and your vehicle feels like it’s pulling to one side, there’s a good chance that you need your wheel alignment inspected. Other common symptom of requiring alignment inspection and repair are if your steering wheel feels unbalanced or off centre, or if your tires are wearing down abnormally.

If you want to keep your vehicle well maintained, having the wheel alignment on it inspected and repaired is an important part of it. A great benefit of having your wheel alignment checked regularly is that it results in the treads wearing out much more slowly, so your tires will last longer. Improved fuel economy, and greater dependability in the safe control of your vehicle are also valuable reasons to have your wheel alignment checked.

Our wheel alignment inspection and repair services include the following:

  • In order to assess how well the alignment system is performing, we first do a road test
  • To evaluate the performance of the suspension and steering linkage components, we inspect both of them
  • Then we give you a written estimate of the different items that need to be replaced, adjusted or repaired
  • We check the tire pressure in all of your tires
  • We do a front-end inspection and make factory adjustments of the steering and suspension components
  • After the inspection and repair is complete, we provide a printout with a read of the components performance, both before and after

Many drivers aren’t aware of how closely tire wear and wheel alignment are linked. Contact us to find out more about wheel alignment inspection and repair.

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