TRANSMISSION REPAIR AND INSPECTION in Mississauga serving Brampton

Your transmission fluid lubricates all of the different parts of your vehicle’s transmission. In the case of automatic transmission, your transmission fluid also acts as a coolant and the transmitter of power. If you see a reddish-coloured puddle under your vehicle, that’s a sure sign that you are leaking transmission fluid and something needs to be repaired or replaced. Here’s a rundown of the different parts that can get damaged and cause your transmission fluid to leak.

Your vehicle’s fluid pan is at the bottom of your transmission and holds all of the transmission fluid, so if it becomes punctured or loosely fit there will be leakage of the fluid. The drain plug can also become loosened, and it should be properly secured so that all of the transmission fluid can be drained from the transmission pan. The pan gasket is a frequent reason for leakage of transmission fluid, as it is a mechanical seal between the oil pan and transmission and can be both damaged and fixed easily.

Cracked fluid lines that transport the transmission fluid in your vehicle to a cooler, can often occur because they are exposed to high temperatures. A transmission fluid leak can also be caused by a bad seal among one of the seals on a transmission component. Or it could happen because of a damaged torque converter or a damaged transmission oil cooler. The torque converter is a hydraulic pump that builds pressure and causes fluid to be sent throughout the transmission system. The oil cooler, which can also become damaged and cause a leak, is the component that keeps the temperature of your vehicle’s fluids under control.

Any of these reasons could be the cause of a leak in your transmission fluid, and at Team Chrysler we are happy to find the reason and ensure it gets promptly repaired. It’s important to keep your transmission in good working order so that no other vehicle parts become damaged as a result, which can require costly repair.

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