TIRES AND WHEELS REPAIR AND INSPECTION in Mississauga serving Brampton

One of the best ways to get better handling and steering in your car or truck is to regularly check and maintain your tires and wheels. Your tires are what connect your whole vehicle to the road, and having well-mounted and balanced wheels will improve your vehicle’s handling and steering. Most wheels are made from steel, aluminum or aluminum alloy and our great selection of wheels can give your car, truck or SUV a new appearance.

As an important part of your vehicle’s suspension system, your tires transmit force to a road’s surface when driving, steering and braking. It’s easy to overlook having maintenance done on your tires but everything about how well your car performs is influenced by how well you take care of your tires and keep them well maintained. You want the treads in your tires to last as long as possible, and having regular tire rotation, proper balance and wheel alignment all help this to be possible.

If you find that the tires on your vehicle seem to wear out unusually fast, it could be because they are not at the right inflation levels. Another reason for quick wearing of tires is because the tire rotation hasn’t been performed regularly.

If your vehicle’s tires have been properly inflated at the right levels, you can tell from the durable sidewalls. Too little air in your tires results in your sidewalls being too flexible, which can wear them down. On the other hand, if there is too much air in your tires the centre tread will be over-used. Your vehicle’s alignment can also be adversely affected by tire wear that’s not right, which can be caused by inaccurate tire inflation. Contact us to make sure your tires are inflated properly and your wheels are balanced and aligned!

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