Suspension Repair and Inspection

It’s a good idea to check the steering and suspension on your vehicle when you are having other Service done. When having your exhaust system, brakes or tires worked on or getting your oil changed, have a look at the suspension and steering. Since your vehicle is supported by the suspension or chassis, it’s a very important part to look after. The suspension affects the way your vehicle handles, the way it brakes and rides and if the tires are wearing down too fast. Unexpected breakdowns can happen if a surprise tie rod end separates or a ball joint fails, but if you inspect and repair your suspension regularly this won’t happen.

To inspect the suspension in your vehicle, begin with the tires to see if there’s any unusual wear on them. If your tires are wearing unevenly or excessively, this can be an indication that your suspension, steering or alignment need repair. Then check the tie rod ends, steering, power steering fluid, rack mounts and the fluid level in the power steering pump reservoir. The next step is checking the ball joints and wheel bearings, then bushings, control arms, and sway bars. To test struts and shocks, do a “bounce test”, then to wind up check that the springs haven’t sagged by inspecting the ride height.

To make sure your vehicle’s suspension and steering are in good working order, these are the areas to check:

· Check the ball joints for wear
· Check the steering linkage for play
· Check to see if any of the four-wheel bearings are rough
· Check the differential, transaxle and transmission for leaks
· Check all four tires for uneven wear, tread damage or cupping
· Check the condition of the struts and shocks
· Check to see if any of the springs are damaged
· Check the suspension bushings front and rear
· Check for leaky or damaged CV joint boots
· Check for leaks in the steering gear or power steering hoses

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