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How Radio/Nav/Telematics Keep You Safe

There is no better way to stay safe in your vehicle than through your telematics system. Located in a crash-resistant black box, your car’s telematics can wirelessly receive information and convey it to the right people who will help. Navigation, remote horn, traveler services, remote start, stolen vehicle tracking assistance, gas price finder features, traffic information, local search, sports/news/stock information, weather information, streaming media, remote lights and text messages are just some of the useful ways that telematics is used. Telematics encompasses everything from emergency assistance, to navigation, to infotainment functionality. While current telematics modems are on the 3G system, they are now updating to 4G which allows for multi-user WiFi hotspot ability in your car. This will enable both web browsing and streaming video to happen at the same time on different devices by different passengers.

A primary telematics feature is its ability to notify a call centre if a crash happens to your vehicle. Emergency assistance is also available through telematics in events that aren’t collision-related, and in Good Samaritan situations where you need to call for help for others who have had an accident. As well as gasoline vehicles, electric and hybrid/plug-in hybrid vehicles all make good use of telematics. In electric or hybrid vehicles, telematics is needed to report on when a battery requires charging or becomes fully charged. With web browser or smartphone integration, you can receive reports on the level of charge in your vehicle battery and schedule charges at low-cost rate times.

Whether you need roadside assistance because you ran out of gas or help with a mechanical breakdown, your vehicle’s telematics will always be there to help. Other telematics features are vehicle diagnostics, vehicle health report or assistance with a flat tire. A great feature of telematics’ vehicle diagnostics feature is that as well as a monthly email report detailing your car’s condition, at any time a diagnostic report can be sent straight to your dealer so we can stay on top of your vehicle repair requirements.

The ways that telematics make life easier while you drive are numerous. You can even make calls through your telematics modem and pay by the minute if you forget your cell phone. Vehicle locator and vehicle alarm notification are also there to help you out when your alarm goes off by mistake or you can’t find your car in a parking lot. Telematics can also update its own software just through a USB key that can be mailed to you. This allows you to save time and avoid going into a dealership for software updates.

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