As most drivers in Mississauga, you want to ensure your car is running the best it possibly can. One of the most important vehicle maintenance activities you can do to make sure of this is to change its engine oil and filter. You don’t want contaminants clogging your filter or your oil breaking down as a result.

Oil changes can need to occur in as wide as range as every 4,800 kilometres or every 32,000 kilometres depending on how you handle your vehicle and how many service appointments it regularly gets. But since changing your oil is both easy and inexpensive, the sooner you look after this yourself the better.

Here’s how to change your car’s oil and filter:

Jack Up the Vehicle

Pull your vehicle into a space with level ground and lots of area to work in. Let it idle and allow the oil to warm up. Drain the oil, being careful not to burn yourself or spill any oil. Jack up your car, placing the vehicle at its jacking points. Place the oil drain pan right underneath the engine where the oil will be drained from.

Drain the Oil

Remove the engine drain plug after the oil cap, and let the oil drain out. Then put the plug back and install a new gasket and washer on the drain plug.

Replace the Oil Filter

Checking to make sure the drain pan lays directly underneath the oil filter, unscrew the oil filter and prepare the new filter and install it, tightening the filter until the gasket touches.

Add the New Oil

Add the new oil to your vehicle. Start the engine after it’s filled and run it for a couple of minutes to increase the pressure. Pull out the dipstick and check oil levels.

Dispose of the Oil

Drain out the old oil into a sealing container or recyclable container.

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