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Every Mississauga driver wants to maximize fuel economy on your vehicle as much as possible, and knowing what can be done to help this is always a priority. At Team Chrysler we can make sure that your air induction system is always clean, so that your fuel economy is as good as possible.

When carrying out our fuel and air induction services, our professionals clean throttle bodies, fuel injectors, and other related components such as the intake valves and ports and the plenum and air intake. We remove any deposits on the combustion chamber and fix the balancing of fuel and air in the system so they are accurate. The result for you is better fuel economy, and reduced emissions for your vehicle. After our fuel and induction services are complete your vehicle will have its horsepower restored, it will run more quietly, and it will start and idle smoother.

The air induction system in your vehicle directs and meters the air flow to the engine in your car, truck or SUV. If the throttle body in your induction system gets dirty then the airflow can become obstructed, which results in a poor fuel economy.

If your vehicle’s throttle body is dirty, many other components beyond it can also become dirty. Other related problems that can result include accumulated deposits on the ports, intake valve, combustion chambers, injectors, and fuel injectors that can cause misfire, difficulty starting, a rough idle, power loss, or knocking.

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