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Does My Car Have a Recall?

At Team Chrysler, we make it easy for you to check if your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicle has a recall on it. Our service center will be happy to assist you in a timely fashion if your vehicle does indeed have a recall. You can search your car by VIN on Chrysler/Mopar's website below or contact us today at 1-800-519-4860.

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How Do I Locate My VIN?

Your VIN is typically found on the drivers (left) side of the car close to the windshield. It is a typically a 17 digit number and contains a bar code. Every car has a unique VIN number associated with it so be sure to locate it before using Chrysler/Mopar's online tool. If you are having trouble locating your VIN or searching for a recall, don't worry, just book an appointment with our service center and get your vehicle recall completed today.

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