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Exhaust System Repair

The muffler and exhaust systems in your vehicle are what protect you, other people and the environment from harmful emissions entering the atmosphere. It’s also important to keep your muffler and exhaust systems working proficiently to ensure that your vehicle is running well. Not only does the exhaust system reduce noise, if it’s functioning optimally it allows you to consistently pass all emissions tests.

The exhaust system of your car starts at the front right behind the engine. The exhaust manifold is connected to the cylinder heads and collect gases there, then it transports the gases through the exhaust system where they are analyzed by oxygen sensors. Before the muffler muffles the sounds, the gases are refined by the catalytic converter. All in all, your emission system allows your car to run cleaner, quieter and smoother.

In general, mufflers last for many years due to the advancements since the 1990’s. Now made of stainless steel, exhaust systems have computers controlling their modern engine management systems.

Any component of your exhaust system can still fall into disrepair, however, and if they’re not functioning well it can cause a lot of problems affecting both your gas mileage as well as causing harmful emissions. It’s not usually anything serious if you first see smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, but if it emits smoke after the engine has been running at operating temperature, then your exhaust system should be checked and repaired. Due to the complexity of the entire exhaust system any small malfunction can affect all the rest of the components, but our professionals are experts at exhaust system repair and can fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Contact us about your vehicle’s exhaust system.

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