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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Models In-Stock at Team Chrysler

Team Chrysler is your source for the most exciting and innovative electric vehicles from Ram, Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler. With so many models to choose from, making the move to an electric vehicle has never been easier. We carry a large selection of electric vehicles for sale and make the process of switching to a more eco-conscious vehicle easier. Let our team of experts help you find a PHEV or EV that is seriously fun to drive, looks great, and helps you save money. At Team Chrysler, we are your first choice when looking for the best electric vehicle for sale in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto.

RAM EV Models

Ram 1500 REV

Engine Horsepower: 654hp

Engine Size: TBD

Electric Range: 500 miles

Torque: 620lb-ft

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Ram 1500 RamCharger

Engine Horsepower: 663hp

Engine Size: 3.6L V6

Electric Range: 690 miles

Torque: 615lb-ft

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Ram ProMaster EV

Engine Horsepower: 268hp

Engine Size: TBD

Electric Range: 264km

Torque: 302lb-ft

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Jeep EV Models

Jeep Wrangler at Ontario Chrysler in Mississauga, Toronto

Wrangler 4xe

Engine Horsepower: 375hp

Engine Size: 2.0L

Electric Range: 21 miles

Torque: 470lb-ft

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Jeep Grand Cherokee at Ontario Chrysler in Mississauga, Toronto

Grand Cherokee 4xe

Engine Horsepower: 375hp

Engine Size: 2.0L

Electric Range: 250 miles


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Jeep Jeep Wagoneer S at Ontario Chrysler in Mississauga, Toronto

Wagoneer S

Engine Horsepower: 600hp

Engine Size: TBD

Electric Range: 400 miles


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Dodge EV Models

Dodge Hornet at Ontario Chrysler in Mississauga, Toronto

Hornet R/T PHEV

Engine Horsepower: 268hp

Engine Size: 2.0L

Electric Range: 30 miles

Torque: 295lb-ft

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Chrysler EV Models

Chrysler Pacifica at Ontario Chrysler in Mississauga, Toronto

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Engine Horsepower: 260hp

Engine Size: 3.6L

Electric Range: 32 miles

Torque: 236lb-ft

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Team Chrysler Know Their EVs

At Team Chrysler, we are pioneers in the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) market. Our skilled team has vast knowledge and expertise in EVs and their technology. They are constantly up-to-date with the latest advances and trends in the ever-evolving field of EVs, ensuring that you will receive accurate and relevant information. They can explain how plug-in hybrid electric cars work, the benefits of buying an plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, clear common misconceptions, and help you understand the total cost of ownership.

Our sales team can guide you through the process of buying an plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, explaining the differences between models, engine efficiencies, battery life, charging times, and driving ranges. They can provide knowledgeable advice on what model and features might be best suited for your specific lifestyle and driving needs. They can also help you maximize any available grants or incentives for electric vehicles that are available at the federal and provincial levels in Canada.

At Team Chrysler, we don’t just sell electric cars, we believe in them and their potential to herald a greener and more sustainable future. We take pride in leading a new wave of driving with our electric vehicles and would love to help you with your next purcahse. Contact us today.

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EV Rebates, Incentives & Government Tax Credits

There are endless reasons to make the switch to an electric vehicle, though saving money on the purchase of your next vehicle might be the most exciting one. Take advantage of the exciting Government tax credits and incentives that make it easier to purchase a zero-emission electric vehicle. We’re here to help you learn more about how you can save as much as possible.

  • iZEV Incentive Program

    iZEV Incentive Program

    Purchase and lease incentives up to $5,000

    The incentive will be applied at the point-of-sale by the dealership. It will appear directly on the bill of sale or lease agreement on eligible ZEVs on, or after, the eligibility date.


Dealership EV Offers

At Team Chrysler, we work hard to bring you the best prices and deals on electric vehicles. Take advantage of our exciting EV specials and promotions and make getting into a zero-emission EV easier. Connect with a member of our team today to learn more about our current specials and promotions and save even more on the purchase of your next electric vehicle.

Chrysler Electric Vehicle Charging Guide

Find A Charger Near You

Charging your electric vehicle is getting easier to do by the minute with more and more EV charging stations popping up where you need them most. If finding an EV charging station near me has been a barrier to making the switch to an electric vehicle, you can soon put this worry in the past. At Team Chrysler, we are here to take the worry out of charging your EV. We have tips to make the most of charging on the go while also offering tips to make your at home and overnight charging a simple process. Finding fast charging stations near me won’t be a challenge with more and more public charging stations making their way to the places you travel often. Be ready to make the move to an EV with confidence that you’ll always be powered up.

Charging FAQs

If you’ve been thinking about making the shift to an electric vehicle there’s no doubt that it can seem like a big change. Many drivers have happily made the switch to a PHEV or fully electric vehicle and you could be one of them. At Team Chrysler, we’ve helped countless customers make the switch to an electric vehicle. We know you’ve got questions, and we’re here to answer them. See our list of commonly asked EV questions and get the answers you to confidently make the move to an electric vehicle.

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Electric Vehicle Service & Parts

Speak With an Expert EV Service Advisor

At Team Chrysler, we offer a complete, hassle-free EV ownership experience. Our seasoned and factory-trained technicians have the specific skills and gear to properly service your Plug-in Hybrid and electric vehicles. Are services techs are experts in EV and plug-in hybrid technology, such as battery health checks, software updates, conditioning the thermal management systems, and more.

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We take pride in providing the highest quality parts, service and customer care in Mississauga, Ontario. All our parts are genuine MOPAR factory components, providing best in class performance and longevity for your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Our expertly trained technicians will recommend the best parts to ensure your vehicle will continue to run smoothly.

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