DRIVE CLEAN EMISSION TEST in Mississauga serving Brampton

Drive Clean/Emission Test and Inspection

Mississauga drivers know when you have to have an emission test done on your vehicle, because the Government of Ontario’s Drive Clean Program recommends exactly when this is required. This automobile emissions control system has been put into place since 1999, and it benefits drivers and your families by helping to keep air pollution and smog down. Vehicle emissions can be very harmful to both human health and the environment, and if vehicles produce too large an amount of particular emissions they are essentially removed from the road.

The way the Emission Test program works is that privately owned companies such as Canadian Tire and vehicle dealerships administer it. To do so they must be accredited by these three different provincial bodies – the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, and MOECC Climate Change. All vehicles registered throughout southern Ontario from Windsor right to the eastern boundary at Ottawa, are affected by and must comply with the Drive Clean program.

Initially it was only light duty vehicles weighing less than 4,500 km and older than 3 years that were included in the program, and every two years emissions testing was part of the requirement to have a license plate renewed. But since 2011 when a vehicle is eight years or older it automatically has to be tested for emissions.

The emission testing for buses and heavy duty trucks are handled by the Drive Clean program right after a vehicle is more than a year old, when obligatory emissions tests happen annually. The Smog Patrol also visually checks trucks and buses to make sure that emissions control equipment is working properly. Smog Patrol Officers even have the authority to force drivers to have their vehicle tested in a Drive Clean test by issuing Notices to that effect. It’s important to follow accordingly, since you can have your license plates seized or get a fine if you don’t comply with the Notice within the time frame indicated.

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