DIESEL ENGINE INSPECTION AND REPAIR in Mississauga serving Brampton

It’s a good idea to have your diesel engine regularly checked so that you make sure you are getting the most out of its capacity and productivity. When you have a diesel engine inspected and repaired you will find that were engine parts need to be replaced and lubricant consumption is much lower. Other benefits include improved safety and environmental factors and having a more effective maintenance control.

There are a host of different things that can compromise the health of your diesel engine, so keeping it protected and running as well and as healthily as possible is a top priority for Mississauga drivers of vehicles with diesel. Some of the various threats that can hurt your diesel are:

  • Poor air filtration
  • High sulfer in fuel
  • Poor quality fuel that contains contaminants
  • Coolant leaks
  • Worn out valve guides
  • Fuel infector malfunction
  • Turbocharger malfunction
  • Excessive blow-by

Included in the inspection of your diesel is checking and recording of the internal components’ condition. Whether in response to an abnormal situation or in regular preventative maintenance of your diesel engine, we conduct borescope inspections.

Health and Safety Precautions We Take When Inspecting and Repairing Your Diesel Engine

We pride ourselves on focusing on safety, health and the environment when we inspect or repair your diesel engine. We take special precautions in storing, handling and using petroleum products and strictly follow and observe all of the necessary environment and safety practices and rules. As part of our process we verify the potential hazards, the proper tagging and the mechanical and electrical lockout of all equipment. To reduce any hazards associated with spill or leakage, we can provide recommendations to our customers. Feel free to contact us to find out more and check out the fuel economy consumption ratings in Canada.

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