CAR INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR DETAILING in Mississauga serving Brampton

Team Chrysler’s interior detailing services clean your vehicle until it looks, smells and feels completely fresh and new again. In our interior detailing we also include leather conditioning and anti-germ defense, and we use a selection of high-quality, industry-leading products to both disinfect and completely clean your vehicle interior.

Our exterior detailing services include many different aspects that go far beyond a car wash. Our quality, hands-on exterior cleaning renews the special lustre to your car, truck or SUV that you will be proud of. When we clean the exterior of your vehicle from bumper to bumper it results in a fresh new look that lasts.

There are many different hazards that your vehicle is exposed to while on the highways and roads, from road salt to construction zones. Our exterior detailing services target everything it has come across that leave scratches, dirt and residue. All of the loose gravel and road debris that your vehicle has had to drive through will be long gone after our exterior detailing. Our professionals will ensure that your vehicle looks brand new with its shiny chrome restored and the wheels sparkling. You will be surprised at how different your tires and glass look in your vehicle’s new, updated appearance.

  • High speed vehicle polishing
  • Windshield chip repair
  • Rain repellent glass treatment
  • Restoration of headlight covers
  • Paint protection
  • Scratch repair
  • Clay paint restoration

Our exterior and interior detailing services don’t take long to complete but they’ll give your vehicle a new

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