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Vehicle Air Conditioning Inspection and Repair

Your air conditioning system runs independently of all other mechanical system under the hood of your car, and it is sealed and pressured. For preventative maintenance it’s a good idea to inspect your air conditioning system regularly to monitor its internal operating pressures.

All components of your car’s air conditioning system work together to keep you and your passengers as comfortable as possible while inside the cabin, and. Most vehicle air conditioning systems are designed in similar ways and in each case is made up of some basic components that are connected by hoses and pipes. If your A/C’s refrigeration gauges aren’t operating well, a professional will have to repair the system.

The first step in an air conditioning system inspection is to visually check all components for possible damage such as:

  • An oily or plugged evaporator drain tube
  • Blocked condenser fins
  • Poorly insulated parts
  • Corroded connections
  • Any blown fuses
  • Disconnected or broken wires
  • Clutch and compressor
  • Compressor drive belt tension and condition

Also check for signs of leaking oil from any of the air conditioning system components or connecting lines. Compressor lubricant and refrigerant are both transported through the whole system, and sometimes leaking refrigerant can be indicated by oily residue on the components. Oily spots on hoses or lines, especially at tubing connections and hoses, are telltale signs of leaks. If any oily deposits are seen contact us, because that’s a clear indication that your car’s air conditioning system has a leak. We’re happy to help.

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