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Will Google Take Over Online Shopping with Google Express?

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If you saw a Google Express delivery van driving down your Mississauga street tomorrow morning, would you think it’s a normal thing to see? Or would you wonder what Google is doing in a truck, and why it’s suddenly delivering goods to consumers at their homes. Turns out that Google is clawing back some online action from Amazon by trying to grab market share in the online delivery service. It’s a smart move.
We don’t know how many Americans even know about Google Express or are using it. But we do know is that Google Express is going after Amazon, the leading online shopping provider that has already over half of U.S. online shoppers. Amazon is where they typically start their purchasing journey online at It’s understandable that an online search leader would want to take back some of that shopper search volume by offering something valuable that's similar to what Amazon provides.
After earlier launching Google Express, Google has made itself available in a huge number of U.S. states including New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware.  More than 70 million additional people now have access to Google Express after its recent expansion, and the innovator offers consumer products like clothing, electronics, beauty items, health products and dry goods from either a mobile app or the web.
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Google Express is offering $95 unlimited delivery to compete directly with Amazon, and they take a percentage of each order handled by delivery and courier services.
Similar to the vehicle business, staying ahead of the competition means offering something that users want and need that no one else has provided. So what is Google Express really offering to overtake Amazon?
Let us know what you think! Give us a shout and let us know if you welcome Google Express appearing on the Canadian scene.

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