What does the SOS button in cars do?

November 10th, 2018 by

SOS is one of those acronyms that sounds both ominous and a little old-fashioned. It might make you think of Gilligan’s Island episodes, or the more recent drama, Lost. But when trouble strikes, as it sometimes will, the SOS button on your vehicle can be a reassuring beacon. With winter quickly moving in on drivers in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton, we want to let you know about this terrific safety feature, available on newer Chrysler, Dodge,  Ram trucks and Jeep model vehicles. If you see it in any other vehicle then you be sure that it serves the same purpose. Watch the video on this post for the full details.

In the event of a crash, the eCall system automatically contacts emergency services. It employs GPS (very much like a sat-nav) to pinpoint your exact location, right down to the side of the highway you’re on. This alerts police, fire and ambulance services to respond as quickly as possible. If the airbags deploy, the system will activate automatically, but a button on the console can also be pressed to activate the system. Registering for Uconnect can have other advantages, as well, giving you and family members who may be sharing the vehicle an enhanced feeling of security in any number of situations.  

Access emergency services with a quick press of the SOS button on your rearview mirror. For minor accidents or inconveniences, the Roadside Assistance Call button connects you with an operator who can dispatch services to you. If you need help with SiriusXM Guardian™ itself, the SiriusXM Guardian assistance button will put you in touch with a Customer Care agent who can initiate remote commands or help troubleshoot your account.

For example, new Jeep Cherokees equipped with Uconnect offer the following very helpful features: Command your vehicle from any location to remotely lock, unlock doors or start, via a smartphone app. In the event of a minor collision, medical or other emergency, the vehicle occupant can press the SOS button conveniently located on the rearview mirror. A call center agent can send emergency assistance to the vehicle’s location. Send & Go sends the precise destination directly to the Uconnect Navigation system. If your vehicle runs out of fuel, gets a flat tire or needs a tow, pushing the Assist button can pinpoint your vehicle location, sending help as quickly as possible.

We’ve discussed the importance of roadside assistance programs before, and with the safety of you and your passengers in mind, it’s definitely important to become acquainted with the SOS button and Uconnect’s many options before an emergency situation arises. Even if you follow our advice about driving in all kinds of weather, accidents can happen.   

Feel safe and secure when you hit the road. If you’d like to talk about Uconnect and other safety options for your next Ram or Jeep vehicle, we’re here to chat. With winter en route, there’s no better time to enhance the safety of you and your passengers.

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