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What does Jeep's Trail Rated Badge mean?

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Trail Rated Jeep Certification Means Your Jeep is Ready to Rock ‘n Roll

Are you a Mississauga Jeep enthusiast with a passion for adventure? If your Jeep has been Trail Rated, then you are ready for the greatest traction and water fording possible. Not only that, the toughest terrain has put your Jeep to the most stringent tests in ground clearance, maneuverability and articulation too. Now you’re really ready to rock ‘n roll.

When the Trail Rated badge first came out in 2004, it became an indicator of superb skill in Jeep off-roading. Ever since then the name has stuck, and the five areas that Jeep vehicles have to excel at to earn the badge haven’t changed either.

Trail Rated Traction

Traction is where it’s at when you have to climb some of the roughest, bumpiest ground around. And it’s only a Trail Rated Jeep 4x4 that’s going to be able to do it a lot of the time, because of the slippery, wet roads and steep grades the traction tests take place on.

4x4 Articulation

Where is articulation when you need it? It all happens when you’re living on the edge a little. Articulation in a Trail Rated Jeep kicks in to keep you safe when the most adventurous off-roading is happening at its peak. Since the most fun off-roading happens on the roughest terrain, your Jeep needs to be flexible enough to enable axle articulation and wheel travel when one tire is off the ground and your suspension keeps the other tires engaged to get you where you need to go.

Drive Through Water with Ease

It’s only a Trail Rated Jeep that’s going to get you across that shallow body of water, because it’s been specially sealed with body and electrical sealing to keep you safe and keep water out. No water can get into any critical areas of a Trail Rated 4x4, and even the air intake is mounted at a higher position so you can plough across those deep puddles or surprise ponds.

Crazy Clearance of Any Ground

Every single Trail Rated Jeep is tested for ground clearance and optimized for breakover angles to make sure you get over those large rocks and across any crevices that come along. This is all part of standard Trail Rated off-road capability, so that no log or bounder ever stands in your way and you can be confident you’ll clear them.

Manic Maneuverability in a Trail Rated Jeep

When you’re driving off-road you need the maneuverability to steer and engage with precision. From your Jeep’s optimized wheelbase design to the capability to turn tightly in an instant, your own dynamic driving style is sure to complement the legendary Trail Rated Jeep 4x4 insignia.


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