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Virtual Test Drive through Hologram is here!

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Collision Avoidance Testing and Augmented Reality Coming Volvo Showrooms
Imagine yourself test driving a car by wearing augmented reality goggles. How about kicking the car tires, or customizing your perfect vehicle in a high-definition, 3D hologram? As soon as 2017 the opportunity to imagine and experience the virtual automobile of your dreams will be coming to Volvo showrooms.

From test drives, to customizing a better car, to examining a car’s engine or looking at the transmission or drivetrain as it is working, HoloLens technology is joining forces with Volvo Car Group and Microsoft Corp to bring an enormous opportunity to car buyers.

The result is that the HoloLens technology will soon provide 3D holograms of cars in actual full size, offering test drive enactments, cross-section views of a car’s parts, and personalized customization by users of their perfect dream car. The semi-autonomous driving systems and safety features that Volvo determinedly promoted in its Volvo vehicles this year are easily highlighted by the innovative technology.

Recently at Microsoft’s headquarters the companies demonstrated Volvo’s S90 in a holographic test drive that included highlighting the semi-autonomous driving system of the mid-size luxury sedan. As described by Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President of Volvo’s marketing sales and service, “Imagine using mixed reality to choose the type of car you want—to explore the colors, rims, or get a better understanding of the features, services and options available." It’s clear that for consumers, the possibilities in examining, viewing, and selecting your next vehicle are endless.

The HoloLens-Microsoft Windows 10-powered holographic platform was unveiled in January and is expected to launch its first iteration within the next year. A developer version for $3,000 is expected to arrive in Canada and the U.S. at that time. As well as the Volvo venture, Microsoft HoloLens has also been working together with a number of companies including NASA JPL, the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University and Trimble to explore possible uses for its augmented reality platform.

View the Volvo Cars Microsoft HoloLens

Multiple Benefits of Volvo’s Upcoming Augmented Reality Offering

There are numerous benefits to consumers to don the headset and experience the virtual reality offered by the technology. It has been suggested that Volvo may add the functionality enabling users to climb into a car and wear the headsets right there to experience more about the car.

In another feature, various model colours and trims are demonstrated in holograms, along with car designers’ favourite recommendations they walk consumers through about their designs. So if a showroom doesn’t have very many cars in certain models, the hologram allows you see exactly what you want about the model you have in mind.

While Volvo is Microsoft’s initial automotive partner in its HoloLens launch, the team has many other ideas currently in development to explore other ways that innovative technologies can be utilized in the automotive sector. As well as working with Volvo, Microsoft is discussing the device with other companies to uncover other sectors where it can help corporations as well as consumers. Recently Microsoft completed a HoloLens Canada-U.S. tour covering 11 cities. A demonstration of Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor device was also recently demonstrated in Nissan showrooms on the 2013 Pathfinder.

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