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Vintage Models Highlight 'Best of the Chrysler Facebook Page'

Chrysler knows that a great tool to use when engaging fans is social media. Of course when we talk about social platforms Facebook comes to mind. And Chrysler is offering "Best of the Chrysler
Facebook Page." It's a chance for fans to submit photos of their rides, while
each set revolves around a different theme.

Owners of new Chrysler models got a chance to showcase their purchasing to the world, via Facebook, positioning their new Chrysler
models behind fall foliage, and the dusty desert sunset. This month, they've
taken a different direction, hopping in to a time machine to check out some
vintage vehicles.

There were plenty of sporty rides with big tail
fins and displacement, including Chrysler 300 models of old. Team Chrysler Jeep Dodge really took notice of the popular mini-vans - which have transported families for decades. Today, we know that the Town and
minivan is top-notch, but before the van evolved in to what
it is today, the model started as a wagon-like sedan. There is one 1947 model
that is quite the sight. With a bright red finish, wood side paneling, and a
luggage rack on the exterior, it certainly makes you nostalgic for the classic
car days.

You can browse all of the photos online via To take a look at some modern classics, stop in to
our Mississauga showroom.  We'd be happy to continue the conversation,
answer any questions you might have, and set up a test drive in the new
Chrysler model that piques your interest.



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