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UK Aims to Ban Diesel and Gas Vehicles by 2040

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The UK has pledged to ban the sale of diesel and gas vehicles by 2040 as they do their part to address worldwide climate concerns. Ministers also promised a £255m fund to help nationwide councils tackle emissions. These plans include the provision of charging zones for the most inefficient vehicles. While local leaders have called for more precise details about the plan, it’s a promising push toward taking responsibility for that which affects all of us: air quality. 
The three-billion-pound clean air strategy did not include a scrappage scheme, as past efforts in that direction turned out to be poor value for money. All local authorities will be given a direct financial boost from the government, with £40m of the fund available immediately to address region-specific challenges.
Funds can be used for various solutions including changing road layouts, implementing new technologies or promoting the use of public transport if appropriate. If these measures do not slash emissions sufficiently, charging zones may be the next step – for periods of limited use. A hefty investment would be needed in order to install nation-wide charging points across the country. The National Grid could suffer under the pressure with a mass switch-on of recharging technologies immediately after rush hour periods. The UK’s announcement comes as carmakers see an accelerating interest in electric cars over gas and diesel ones, both in the UK and abroad.

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