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The Jeep Brand has a New Compact SUV on its Way to Toronto

Everybody knows that the Jeep
is your best bet if you're looking for a rugged
SUV in the Toronto, ON area. With a locking differential, a low
range transfer case, and a huge ground clearance, the iconic 4x4 has a lot
going for it, especially if you want to challenge the great outdoors. However,
it might not be the ideal choice for commuting from Mississauga
into town five days a week.

Currently, the Cherokee
holds the efficiency crown in this brand's lineup, but that's likely going to
change as the 2015 Jeep Renegade is due to join the family
this year. The new guy is a compact SUV that has been implemented to help raise
the automaker's overall fuel economy. Of course, this is still a Jeep model
we're talking about, so, compact or not, the Renegade is ready to take on the
tough stuff, too.

Get a look at rugged appeal of the Trailhawk
edition in the quick clip below.

Our Team Chrysler Jeep Dodge staff is psyched to
get this capable compact in our showroom, but there's still no word on an exact
release date. Experts are estimating that we'll see the new kid hit our block
by late fall or early winter.

In the meantime be sure to stay on top of our blog
to get all the latest news. And if you'd like to check out a rugged SUV today, just
drop in to our dealership to get the Wrangler out on the road.




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