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Team Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ron Burgundy Introduce You to the New Dodge Durango

Oh, Ron Burgundy. 
So hilarious, naïve, and easy to mock. 
The main character of the Anchorman movies recently
had the opportunity to test drive the new Dodge Durango, and
we think he may be better off sticking to his day job and not reviewing one of
the best models that we've seen from the automaker in quite some

For example, in the above commercial, he activates
the car's UConnect infotainment system.  The
tech feature answers him, but instead of using the tool and allowing it to help
him navigate, find locations, and much more, Burgundy becomes concerned that
there is an actual woman stuck in his SUV's dashboard.  He asks her take him the nearest police
station so that they can get her out, but this is one command that the system
doesn't quite understand, and righteously so!

We assure you, it's just cutting edge technology
that you'll find in your new Durango and not a lady with a pleasant voice.  You can come check it out for yourself here
at our Mississauga, ON
dealership for yourself.

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