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Slick Apple Car May Have its OS Developed in Canada

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Anyone in Mississauga or Brampton knows that when Apple becomes involved in your fate, you never know what can happen. That’s what happened to Kanata, Ontario, an Ottawa suburb with a lot of clout. Not only does it have BlackBerry’s QNX office in its boundaries, it also now has Apple opened up an office there too. Why? Because Apple’s software team for its secret Apple car called Project Titan are going to work.

Dan Dodge, the CEO of BlackBerry’s QNX has decided to work at Apple and so have dozens of other QNX and non-QNX software experts. It’s easy to understand why. The sleek and beautiful Apple car designs are alluring, and rumour has it that what the software team is focusing on is autonomous driving technology. Apple is planning to provide the technology for self-driving cars, and partner with automotive manufacturers to make it all happen.
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Currently, Blackberry’s QNS produces the infotainment systems and operating systems for most automotive makes including Audi, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and GM. Bloomberg reports that since so many engineers have been hired by Apple in Kanata, the new Apple car operating system may very well be in design phases as we speak.
It’s hard to know exactly what Apple’s plans are, because it still has to make a decision about whether its secret new Apple car is viable, in addition to this shift in strategy to focusing on the self-driving component. Before December 2017, a new demo is expected of the vehicle, and we will wait and see whether Apple will hire more software engineers and other experts to join its prestigious team – or be downsizing its existing team and moving onto another concept.
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