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Sleek New Apple Car Concept Reflects the Look and Feel of iPads and iPhones

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There is nothing as modern, aerodynamically designed, and sleekly high-tech as the future Apple Car. The futuristic design was recently revealed in Motor Trend and includes a boxy frame roof, tinted glass windshield, and Apple logos on all four wheels and the concept car front and back. The rounded edges and gold colour of the concept renderings definitely carry the Apple iphone look into the automotive sector. Here at Team Chrysler in Mississauga, we can’t get enough of it.
With wireless charging, wearable technologies, a 360-degree enhanced-reality experience and proximity sensing, the Apple Car is a concept that has a lot of imaginations going on a fashionable overdrive. Beautiful ambient lighting, falcon wing doors that resemble the Tesla Model X, and a light strip that’s colour coded and can be used for turning, are all part of the proposed features.
One wonders if this was anything that the late, great Steve Jobs ever imagined happening from the amazing Apple brand he conceptualized and built. As it turns out, The Apple visionary had put an electric car concept on his list of things to develop along with a multi touch smartphone back in 2008.
With the concept launch of the Apple Car, opportunities to embrace Apple’s brand are seemingly endless. Donning your Apple watch first thing in the morning now, you can now text with friends using your iPhone, check your social media channels on your iPad, haul out your MacBook at work and be on it all day, and go home and watch Apple TV. But not only that, one day soon you will also be able to be driven by your very own Apple Car too.
Since The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has been developing a new electric car coded “Project Titan”, it’s been an open secret for a while this year that research has been going on secretly and noises from motors have been heard late into the night in Sunnyvale, California.
Many sources indicate that as early as 2019 or 2020 the Apple Car could be ready for production, but the actual launch time frame is still unclear. According to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, the Apple Car has been an open secret, and has his own plans to fill over 300,000 Tesla Model 3s orders by the end of 2017.
The Apple Car vision was created by the designer Garrett DeBry, and was brought to life in renderings by the creative studio Mind Over Eye.

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