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Ram Mid-Sized & Jeep Scrambler Rumours Continue | Mississauga & Brampton

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A quick glance at any parking lot in Mississauga, Brampton or Oakville says it all: trucks aren’t just for country folk. Urban drivers have been in love with trucks for quite a few years now, and the pickup segment is on fire. Ram 1500s are a top seller here at Team Chrysler. Never dreamt I’d say this, but if I had space in the driveway for a second vehicle, I’d definitely consider getting one of these. If Ram keeps teasing us with the possibility of a mid-sized pickup, the rumours will continue to fly. And Jeep Wrangler has been buzzing about the Scrambler. The question is: WHEN?
In the pickup market, Ram likes to make an entrance; they like to do things right. Playing a little hard to get never hurts in the mid-sized segment. The Jeep Wrangler-styled pickup, the Scrambler is expected to hit dealerships in 2019. There have been whispers of sightings on the notorious Rubicon Trail and on the road, a stream of curious spy shots from the automotive paparazzi. Is the Scrambler named after our favourite childhood midway ride? Again, space allowing, I’d love to see a Cherokee and a Scrambler in my own driveway. With strong influences from the Wrangler JL, this truck would only make apple-picking season that much better. Imagine heading for the local pick-your-own orchard and filling the short bed up with one of Ontario’s favourite fruits. I’m already dreaming of next fall, Scrambler style.
As for the mid-sized Ram, we’ve heard some credible talk of a 2021 model touching down in 2020. The body-on-frame construction may or may not be built at the Toledo plant, alongside the slightly-less-elusive Jeep Scrambler. But squeezing details on the smaller Ram is like trying to find out where your teenager lost his cell phone. Tough work, right? Not since the Dodge Dakota snuck off into the sunset in 2011 has Dodge had a mid-size pickup on offer. FCA spokesfolk said for a long time they didn’t feel the need to build anything smaller than the 1500, but we can feel it: there’s something brewing in the cool autumn air.
When you’re short on facts, speculation tends to run wild. It does seem likely that we’ll see turbo four-cylinder and V-6 engine options to wow the competition in this particular segment. In many other markets around the world, small trucks are hugely popular. In parking-challenged Mississauga and Toronto, a smaller pickup would be a massive (and practical) hit. Useful enough for carting your gear, and classy enough for a night on the town. But as my mom always tells me, wishing won’t make it so, and we’ll have to wait with our eyes on this blog. Fingers crossed. Till then, we can reminisce about the very first Ram truck, which was in fact, on the lighter side of the pickup menu when it debuted in 1981.
Naturally, you may think of big hunks like this charming gent when you envision a classic Ram truck. This summer, I sat behind one of these at the carwash one afternoon and drank in its every beautiful detail from wheels to bumper to badges. It was, simply put, a glorious vehicle. And the man driving it looked like he knew it, and he didn’t seem bothered by how massive it was. Pretty sure he never has to parallel park it, but I’ll leave my own fears out of this. That day, gleaming in the sun outside the touchless carwash, it also said, Keep back, little-car-behind-me. (We hadn’t yet bought our new Jeep. Now it’s me giving people the “Back away from my awesome car!” look at the carwash.) The mid-size Ram pickup will be a great get for truck lovers of both genders who just want a great truck suited to the GTA.
Not all Rams were numbered a la 1500, 2500, 3500 and so on. The fourth generation Ram pickup didn’t become the legendary 1500 till 2008. It’s been gathering admirers pretty steadily since the first real Ram heyday of the 90s. Popularity keeps building.  Other rumours flying around the Ram mid-size-to-be are that the Dakota name might come back for a nostalgic nod at Ram history. Might? Come on boys, just tell us WHEN!?
Wrangler lovers are probably just as keen to see the Scrambler, set to combine the best of the popular Jeep Wrangler’s off-road chops and sass with sturdy pickup pragmatism.  It’s been twenty-five years since Jeep gave us a pickup. Long before that, starting in 1947, pickups were a must: consider the legendary Willys-Overland 4×4.  In 1992, we saw the Comanche, Jeep’s last (it seemed) pickup truck, but buzz, buzz, buzz: she’s on her way back again. New name, new look. Those tempting track shots from Michigan, combined with teaser details here and there about how the design will be based on the beloved Wrangler JL. Shorter rear bed. A spare tire hidden underneath that bed. Look for a stronger axle, with engine options and a suspension style also carried over from the Wrangler. Tease, tease, tease! They say it won’t be too much longer.
Other bulletins from industry insiders: the Scrambler will include 3.6L ESS and 3.6L turbo diesel engine options, and manual and automatic transmission options. Note to self: finally learn to drive stick before Spring 2019. (Right after I turn 50, learn Spanish, and run a virtual reality half-marathon.) Much like the Wrangler, the Scrambler pickup will have aluminum panels that shave away some weight but still offer reasonable hauling capacity and that famous Jeeptastic off-road capability. The 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 and an eight-speed automatic is likely to be the mainstream powertrain choice, but (more rumours?) an eTorque hybrid may be added later.
Which trims will the Jeep Scrambler come in?
Scrambler trims will include the JT Sport and JT Rubicon, with additional buzzing about a Sahara still TBC.
Which engine options will the Jeep Scrambler offer?
The Scrambler is slated to offer a 3.6L V6 with Engine Start Stop, 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel Engine with Engine Start-Stop.
Which safety features will the Jeep Scrambler have?
The Scrambler will offer a range of safety features including Adaptive Cruise Control w/Stop, Blind Spot/Cross Path Detection, and Full Speed Forward Collision Warning Plus.
When can I buy a Jeep Scrambler pickup?
Word on the street has it that the Scrambler goes on sale January/February 2019. What a nice way to ring in a new year!
Where is Team Chrysler located?
Team Chrysler is located at 777 Bancroft Drive, in Mississauga Ontario.

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