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Otto Drives Commercial Budweiser Beer in Driverless Truck

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The next time you swill back a cold Budweiser brew, it just might have been delivered to your favourite Mississauga restaurant or bar in a driverless Uber Otto truck! In Colorado, Otto just delivered its first self-driving cargo of beer for Anheuser-Busch InBev, the makers of the famous Budweiser.

James Sembrot, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s logistics director, was thrilled with the results of outsourcing the beer delivery to Otto for a test of the driverless technology in a commercial setting. “We think this is the future of transportation” he told Business Insider.
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The Uber-owned self-driving Otto truck drove 120 miles to transport beer from Fort Collins, Colorado to Colorado Springs. Utilizing a driver’s help only to get on and off the interstate ramps, the driverless commercial truck made the rest of the way on its own, with the driver sitting in the back seat.
“This was the first load” Sembrot indicated. “We are excited to not only do business with Otto going forward, but as Lior [Ron] scales the technology.”
The driverless beer run took some planning, however. The Otto team had trucks in Colorado mapping roads ahead of time, and used a dummy trailer with dummy beer at first to practice with, before filling it with the real stuff. This enabled Otto to fully gauge how the truck would react, driverless, when it was hauling a full load. The planning paid off!
This was the first Uber-Otto driverless truck to run a 120-miles commercial run in the world! Check out the video:
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