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Nexar Makes Any Android Phone a Dashcam

639 × 360

Are you a Mississauga driver who happens to save your old Android cell phones? You’re not alone if you do. Now those recycled cell phones can become a dashcam with just a rear camera and an Android app called Nexar!

As long as your cell phone is an Android 4.1 or later, Nexar can turn it into an artificial intelligence-powered dashcam. So in case your in an accident, you’ll have a dashcam recording it just in case you might need proof of what happened.
Recording accidents isn’t something we automatically think about, and many cars don’t automatically come equipped with a dashcam, but with the Nexar app you’ll be all set. Not only a video recorder is provided with Nexar, you can also get speed and direction recording, GPS, proximity warnings just for extra convenience. It gives your car a luxurious touch without incurring much additional expense.
Using an old Android phone can come in handy with the Nexar app, since it does drain a battery fairly quickly. GPS, softwares, and running gyroscopes and cameras take a lot of battery power, but you have the option of using either your current Android or an older one.
Recording every detail of an accident can be one of the most convenient things you would ever want to have, just to be covered in the event of a lawsuit or insurance claim. Since it is stored dynamically, only the latest video is stored in the Nexar app.

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