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New Law Will Force Electric Cars to Emit Sound by 2019

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A new law by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will force electric cars to emit sound when they go under 18.6 miles per hour, in order to ensure safety of pedestrians and other drivers. It is hoped that the full rule will prevent more than two thousand injuries every year.
Many drivers are interested in the benefits of owning an electric car, and there are rebates available to entice you to buy one even more. While Mississauga and Brampton drivers might like the idea of driving in peace and quiet especially in an electric car that conveniently comes without a noisy engine, it’s actually too unsafe for a car not to make noise on the streets. Pedestrians must have an opportunity to get out of a car’s way in time, and the only ways they are guaranteed of knowing when a car is coming along is either by seeing it or hearing it. In the U.S., the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act was passed by Congress in 2010, and the U.S. government has now allowed until September 2019 for all electric vehicles to comply with the obligatory sound rule.
Currently, both the Soul EV by Kia and the Leaf by Nissan have noise emitted from their electric cars. Along with the sleek Tesla Model 3 electric car, all automakers that manufacture electric cars will have three years to comply with the new rule.

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