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Navdy Display Goes Beyond Just Looking Cool

697 × 360
Mississauga and Brampton drivers will be happy to know that Navdy, a Heads Up Display that uses projection to make cars smarter, is now on the market and selling for $799.  Navdy was first introduced in 2014 as a crowdsourcing model that ultimately raised 2.5 million dollars. A couple of years later with 26 million dollars more in venture capital, Navdy has now hit the market, selling for just under $800 each.
The information on your cell phones is essentially what is being made available on the see-through screen right in front of your eyes – from Slack, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email and Facebook Messenger, it’s all there if you want it to be. Many drivers though, will probably opt for phone calls, text messages, and maybe one app unless their powers of multi-tasking are superlative. To make Navdy work, magnets connect the removable see-through Navdy device to the installed base. An OBD II port, which most vehicles made in 1996 or later have, is necessary for its operation.
The best part of the innovative Heads Up Display that’s a see-through screen sitting on the inside of your windshield, is that the roads will be made much safer. Navdy is a handy display that lets you set up as much as you want to see, enabling you to stay connected with important information that you need without ever having to look away from the road ahead. The Navdy nearly-clear glass screen is placed right in the driver’s line of sight above the dashboard. When Navdy comes out of the box, functionality to allow you to receive phone calls and text messages is already set up.
630 × 360
Being a Jedi is something many drivers only daydream about, but the notifications from Navdy can be ignored just by gesturing your hand in the air above your steering wheel, just like a Jedi would do! An optional scroll wheel that’s attached to the steering wheel is another way of controlling access to Navdy notifications. The notifications, called “glances”, will appear as often as you want them to, depending on how many apps are set up to appear on the screen. By gesturing to the left in the air, you can let Navdy know you aren’t going to take that call. How cool is that?

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