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Most Exotic, Hard-Core Viper Sports Car Being Laid to Rest

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Today we heard that the famous all-American sports car from the late 80’s, The Viper, will be no longer. After long hard discussions, it was agreed that the unprofitable masterpiece of yesteryear would be put to rest. The disturbing rumors are true; we will all have to face the demise of great Dodge Viper models we knew and loved.
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The reason that the Viper is rarely written about is that it is uncompromising, and it “defeats” intruders in some strange and subtle way. The Viper is either loved or hated. Yes, this same Viper, Dodge’s all-American exotic sports car that was originally unveiled as a prototype at an early Auto Show in the late 80’s, turned out to be one of America’s most exotic hard-core sports cars. Class exists on its own!


There was much discussion between Dodge-Fiat and the UAW regarding the upgrade to an eight-speed automatic transmission, whose implementation is still unresolved. The Connor Avenue assembly plant in Detroit in question, is so iconic about so many relevant issues right now. We would prefer to just focus on the beauty of yesteryear’s design and form – the Viper was magnificent!

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It is possible that the magic of the Viper lies in its old ties to a former structure and thinking. The Viper was wild and free, but it was still maintained by a collective of people in good cooperation with each other, assembling by hand. So to all those workers, we reach out in salute to you!


Sales of the Viper were down, with only 503 Viper sales in the United States in 2015, and only 760 sales during 2014.


Interesting to note is the projected 9% fuel economy boost recorded by the eight-speed transmission, over a six-speed. No time frame was indicated when the upgrade in transmission would be done.


Some Viper aficionados refer to it as a venomous brute. Untamable and wild, the Viper was uncompromising. The Viper could hold its own against the Corvette Z06 or any other competitor, due to its digital sophistication and uncompromising bravery.

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