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More Details on the New Hellcat Engine

For years, the Dodge
has had a bodybuilder's reputation--the kind of
car that captures your attention with its sheer tenacity. He's a big boy, yes,
but he's packing quite a bit of muscle. With the addition of the 'Hellcat'
engine that we mentioned recently on our blog, the power numbers are only going
to go up.

The last time we saw the 2015 Challenger with its
Hellcat underpinnings on the track, it was in Death Valley, California.
Apparently this heavy-weight champ has passed its heat-focused testing and is
now being spied in urban environments with a little bit less

Although we say "heavy-weight champ" with
quite a bit of affection, that's been one of the main criticisms the car has
gotten over the years. Yes, the Challenger is powerful, but it's also
heavy--1,905 kg, or 4,200 lbs, to be precise. This, according to Dodge, is one
of the reasons why the Hellcat is being tuned to deliver its hefty 500-570 pony
power numbers.

It may actually get even more than that. According
to the spy photographers who captured the recent tests, the car may be packing
well over 600 horsepower, even enough to match the SRT Viper.

In more good news, it seems like the automaker
isn't only planning on fitting the Hellcat on the Challenger. Future iterations
of--we speculate--the 300
and Charger
SRTs could also see Hellcat additions.

As excited as we are to see the new Dodge
models powered by the Hellcat in our Mississauga, ON locale,
we also think the current Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300 are definitely
worth checking out. Stop by Team Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM if you have any
questions, or would like to set up a test drive.

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