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Independent or Franchise Car Dealership - What's the Difference?

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If you are considering buying a used vehicle in Mississauga you might see exactly what you want to buy at both a franchise dealership and an independent dealership. How do you know which type of dealer to go to? 
Well, independent car dealers usually have a large inventory of used cars. And one way that people can repair their credit and get a car loan easily is definitely by buying through an independent dealership. You can usually recognize an independent car dealer because they won’t have the name of a vehicle make like “Toyota, “Ford” or Chrysler” in their name. Aside of repairing your credit and having a large selection of used cars to choose from, another benefit of buying from an independent dealership is that you can find a car that’s affordable.
But the interest rates at independent dealerships are usually quite high, due to the fact that they are catering to financing customers who are high risk. Also, there is no monitoring of independent car dealerships’ certification programs, if they exist at all. And you may have a hard time finding out the real condition of the car that you would like to purchase, since there are usually no service departments at independent dealerships.
When you buy a vehicle from a franchise car dealer there is a strong association and compliance with guidelines that are dictated by the manufacturer, which results in high quality right across the board. The result is that the vehicle you want to buy will be certified through a standardized program that guarantees the quality of your car, truck or SUV. The mechanics will also be highly trained and certified to meet the high standards required by the manufacturer, after going through intensive training. The interest rate you will get on your vehicle loan will also typically lower than at an independent dealership.
The only drawback from buying from a franchise car dealership is that they may not have the huge inventory that independent car dealerships can sometimes have, that doesn’t apply to Team Chrysler’s used inventory as we always have more than a hundred high quality used cars in stock with very low mileage at all times including off makes like used Honda and used Toyota and used Mazda vehicles and more. 

Contact us to find out more about the differences between independent and franchise dealerships!

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