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Footsteps Power New Smart Solar Streetlights

692 × 360

In sunny parts of the world, taking advantage of the sun’s energy to power some of the essential things people rely on is a given. Just as solar road technology is complementing self-driving cars, smart solar streetlights are lighting up the famous Las Vegas Boulder Plaza in a uniquely innovative way.

The clean tech company behind the solar and kinetic energy stations that power streetlights is EnGoPlanet. Its LED streetlights are powered by both kinetic footstep pads and photovoltaic panels. With a battery, the entire system lights up plazas, gives power to portable charging stations, WiFi hotspots and even security cameras.
The solar and kinetic energy stations are standalone and monitored for power and battery levels by City personnel. Not connected to the grid, the units have sensors capable of monitoring the environment and air quality, as well as deliver performance analytics.
“We think this can be a good substitution or alternative to traditional streetlights” says CEO of EnGoPlanet Petar Mirovic. With aims to open installations on the Strip and in New York, the company hopes to develop larger projects.
The CO1 generated by streetlights every year is 100 metric tons. Although nowhere near the emission levels of other producers who generate almost 10 million metric tons of CO2, every small bit matters when it comes to innovating ways to help reduce greenhouse gases.
The panel crest of the photovoltaic panel charges the battery powering the whole energy-efficient LED streetlights. Charging stations and WiFi hotspots are also part of the system equipment.

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