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Fiat Chrysler Seeks Partner For Future Happy Merger

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You can’t hurry love, or so the saying goes, and Fiat Chrysler big boss Sergio Marchionne is following the time-tested advice as he seeks the perfect match for a company merger. As with romance, there have been ups and downs, flirtations and rejections, but watchers of the beloved FCA brands are holding out for true love—and a decent proposal.

It looked as though Great Wall Motors of China might be a possible fit, but while the rumours were good for the Chinese automaker, they wobbled stocks on the US side of the pond briefly. And the bigger concern is that the Jeep brand alone is worth an estimated 17 billion Euros, a figure seemingly beyond Great Wall’s market cap. What of the other FCA brand members? If you take the Jeep name out of the equation, is it still a marriage made in heaven? Time will tell.

Financial analysts watching the courtship between China and FCA seem to lean toward keeping this new suitor waiting for another 6 months. Just because GM declined to partner up doesn’t mean there aren’t numerous other interested parties. Although there are always risks involved in holding out, it seems prudent to stoke the coals of amore for a little while longer to see who else in the industry might come forward with an offer too sweet to refuse.

We're watching too, here in Brampton and Mississauga, and we'll keep you posted. Till then, come see us at Team Chrysler.  

Categories: News, Chrysler, Jeep