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Fiat Chrysler and Amazon Strike Deal to Sell Cars Online

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Just when Mississauga and Brampton drivers thought that haggling was a necessary part of buying an automobile, along comes Fiat-Chrysler and Amazon to save the day. Their new partnership will enable you to buy a vehicle online just with a click.
In its partnership with Amazon, Fiat Chrysler will sell the 500L, the Panda and 500 models online, initially in Italy only. The best part about it is the price, which is reduced by up to 30% from regular prices.
This move demonstrates Amazon’s desire to enter the $1.2 trillion market of automobile sales. After Amazon launched its own U.S. Amazon Vehicles offering everything but online car shopping, some automotive experts believe that Amazon is set to sell cars online fairly soon. But this was downplayed by Amazon’s investor relations head, Darin Manney, who said: “Certainly we’ll try to build a one-stop shop for vehicles as an extension to the automotive store which engages customers to add information about their cars in their garage and which makes it actually easier to shop for parts and accessories for your particular vehicle. And so we think there’s a lot of opportunity there to add convenience for customers.”
The Fiat Chrysler-Amazon partnership is an indication that upsells and bargaining in person may soon be a thing of the past to some degree. After buying a car online, a buyer is contacted by Amazon where they finalize the arrangement and decide on where the buyer will pick up the car, which will be available within two weeks.
That’s a great service, and we hope it will come to North American buyers soon. Contact us for more information!

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