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Driver Flips Luxury Vehicle in Parking Lot in Test Drive

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News went viral recently about a woman who took out a Mercedes-Benz valued at $60,000, and flipped it in a parking lot during a test drive. She may have been distracted in putting pedal to the metal when she should have been braking. Call it a case of bad nerves. At any rate, the fire department who rescued her has posted photos of the event and the story caught our attention.
When a test driver of a $60,000 Mercedes-Benz flipped the luxury vehicle right onto its head in a parking lot, the news catches on. Is this a lament to the large sum of the ruined Mercedes-Benz? Is it a question of why the Mercedes flipped so easily? Or is it yet another retrograde comment on female drivers? A large percentage of Mississauga drivers are women who don’t flip cars in parking lots regularly, and especially not on test drives. It could be absent-mindedness and bad luck on the driver’s part, only. If your wives, sisters, mothers, daughters and sisters-in-law might need some help in driving techniques or calming efforts while behind the wheel, it's probably a great idea to just help them.
One thing we know for sure is that at Team Chrysler, we try our best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel when you take out a vehicle for a test drive. If someone is on edge, it may be a case of helping you to feel more confident. It may be a matter of giving them some tips from your own driving experience, to help them to relax and drive with more self-assurance. 
It’s possible that the driver was tired, or anxious about the test drive. We don’t know what the driver of that Mercedes was really thinking. We can’t know what such an individual might have been going through to cause her to put pedal to the metal when she should have been braking, but it raises issues around being more aware of the state people are in generally when they get behind the wheel of any vehicle. 
As a dealership, we are aware of various personal states among our new drivers when you take out a car for a test drive. There is a huge degree of trust and goodwill when drivers come in to our dealership and we take every step possible to help you along the way of your purchasing journey. We advise what you should do in the event of an accident, too. Your safety is utmost in our minds and efforts. We do our best to understand whatever situation you might be in. Contact us for information about how we can help!

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