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You might want to sit down for these latest updates on the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. No, really.  Two words: more torque. Eighteen per cent more, in fact, in terms of both converter torque multiplication and the rear axle torque multiplication. What this means is that with a higher stall speed, the much-anticipated Demon launches with 35% more force than the Hellcat. And yet, somehow, those big juicy tires still manage to stay in contact with the pavement. It’s some kind of miracle, and just in time for summer.   

The teasers from Dodge keep building: the lighter body, wider tires with a 15 percent larger contact patch, and the massive 45-inch hood scoop (once known as an “air grabber” back in the day) that nods to the best of the retro muscle cars. We’re almost afraid (but mostly excited) to see what Dodge unveils next before the final reveal at the New York Auto Show in April. Are you sure you can stand not to be there when they unleash the Demon at last?  

The latest on the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon? It’s going to hit the road with a drag mode option. While the Demon will handle well on road courses and on the streets, Dodge has a larger aim: full-on drag race domination. The option of an electronic drag mode combined with a drag-specific mechanical suspension is a first for a production car, according to Dodge. As the old saying goes, along with great power comes greater responsibility. The Demon driver can look forward to high-powered launches with even greater control and lateral stability thanks to optimized weight transfers provided by the suspension setup.

Like you, we’ve been following Demon updates with serious anticipation, and with even more teaser videos leading up the April reveal at the New York Auto Show, we’re revved up to see what else Dodge has in store. So far, we have news of wider street-legal drag-ready radials, a juiced-up final drive ratio and a higher stall speed for the 8-speed auto transmission. What next?

If you want to share your Demon anticipation with like minds, drop by Team Chrysler in Toronto anytime. We’d love to hear what excites you most about the new car some say will unseat the Hellcat as king of the drag strip.    



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