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Do you Have a Ram Truck? You Just Got Lucky!

Set Up Your Own Drive-In Movie Anywhere with Your Ram Truck


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You don’t have to drive far from Mississauga to find the perfect secluded lakeshore or campsite this summer to mount and set up your own personal drive-in theatre. Just use your Ram 1500, Ram 2500 or Ram 3500 to mount the kit from Hitch Theaters and you’ll be ready to sit back and watch your favourite movies in no time!  

Hitch Theaters is a completely self-contained kit that allows drivers to either attach a screen to the hitch of your truck or mount it independently wherever you choose. A 122-inch screen, rooftop stand, adjustable-height projector, frame, optional freestanding mounts and guylines will be available retail for around CAD $500, if the inventor of the kit gets the Kickstarter funding he’s now seeking in order to develop the product. Or, if you are a do-it-yourself type, you could even buy the stand, mount and projector yourself and create your own drive-in movie theatre.

600 × 450


Just imagine, you and your family have made the three-hour drive north from the Mississauga area to Tobermory. Then all of you, along with your truck, pile into the Ms Chi-Cheemaun ferry to cross Georgian Bay over to Manitoulin Island. After a short drive along the island, you find your campsite and pitch your tents, then set up your own drive-in movie theatre by hitching everything up to your truck. Before you know it the sun has set, and a beautiful sunset provides the backdrop to the latest Leonardo Dicaprio movie you’ve been dying to watch. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Hitch Theater’s inventor, Joe Livingston, initially conceptualized the whole idea while out on a date one night. “I had taken her to star gaze one night, several miles out of town and we decided to pull out my laptop and watch a movie under the stars,” he said. Then he realized what he really wanted was a portable drive-in movie theatre. “The light above my head went on and I realized I was onto something,” he said.

Livington’s whole kit will fold down into a medium-sized portable bag that will fit into a truck or the trunk of a car. Containing everything in it from the screen, frame to guylines, it won’t be any bigger to transport than any large foldable camping chair is.

Call us if you need help Hitching your Theater to your Ram Truck.






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