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Car Lands on Top of a Fiat 500

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When a car landed right on top of a Fiat 500 in Glasgow recently, people wondered how the Fiat 500 could possibly withstand that weight. It turned out that a larger vehicle had rolled backwards down a hill and climbed right over a wall before resting right on top of the Fiat 500 that was parked there. It was not only a strange sight to see, it also drew a lot of attention to what a Fiat can actually handle.
It turns out that the little Fiat is as strong as it is stylish. When the Fiat Group acquired a 20% stake in Chrysler US in 2009, the Fiat brand came back to North American streets after being away for 25 years. The return of the Fiat has signalled the re-emergence of European style in small, cute cars.
The scene of the Volkswagen sitting on top of the little Fiat 500 attracted many passersby as well as police. No-one was hurt and the vehicles were both unoccupied at the time. We still can’t figure out how the Fiat 500 didn’t crush under the weight of the larger vehicle, but it just attests to its unique strength and style.
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