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Battery Goes Fast with Pokémon GO

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Mississauga residents, get ready for Pokémon GO. Finding and getting an adorable creature in your new free Pokémon GO game along with millions of other users around the world has already caused a $75 billion increase in the market value of Nintendo. If you are part of Pokémon GO madness, get ready to recharge your smartphone a lot more frequently than you usually do too. And stay out of your cars when you’re playing the game. In other words, make sure it’s “Pokémon NO” while you’re behind the wheel.
The mobile game that works through augmented reality is causing havoc in people’s yards, on the streets and on the roads in cities and towns near you. That’s because Pokémon GO users are playing the game while walking, walking, exploring, hunting and wandering into strange buildings and through personal properties. Some people have indicated that they play the game while driving in their cars, too.
Pokémon GO is a mobile app whose popularity is simply on fire. It is a craze that’s rippling across the whole world. So many people have already downloaded the game that its users will outnumber Twitter daily users soon if it hasn’t already. The game is being played for an average of 43 minutes every day, surpassing the combined usage of Instagram and WhatsApp, which is an indication of a viral app.
But you might not already know exactly what Pokémon GO is all about. This enchanting game is based on a Japanese anime series where you create adorable characters and travel around the world looking for more to do battle with. Since augmented reality is what makes the game so unique, users end up searching high and low through neighbourhoods to find the different Pokémon characters they need. The result of finding one is that a character pops up in real life on your phone. With a Pokémon-version of Google Maps replacing landmarks and buildings in real life and covering up real street names, you are inside the game but you are operating in your real life too. With augmented reality, users move around in the real world and the character in the smartphone app game mirrors your movements. The result is that random meetings happen with Pokémon characters, and then you try to capture them and train them.
Your smartphone’s battery will surely run out fast when you play the game. This is because of the high usage of your phone screen which uses up lots of battery power, as well as your phone camera to look for Pokémon in your midst. You’ll also be using your GPS to locate the characters you want. There are still a few bugs in the game that are still being worked out, but on the whole it’s a game that’s just a lot of fun.
It’s the safety issue caused by users playing Pokémon GO that has many people concerned. It’s not only the trespassing that is causing more than a little havoc, it’s people moving around while having their full attention focused on a rectangular device rather than the road ahead. Take extra care while driving and be on the lookout for potential Pokémon GO players behind the wheel.

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