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2019 Ram 1500 is Motortrend's Truck of the Year | Toronto

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The new 2019 Ram 1500 does not disappoint. It slices, it dices, it slices twice as nice as it dices. Okay, maybe not, but it will still surpass your expectations in performance, comfort, style and luxury. Motortrend's 2019 truck of the year, the 1500 boasts a number of design and engineering updates that should make all you commuters in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton very happy.
Checking out its new styling, you will notice a few missing familiar features. Like the mini-Mack fender and the cross-hair grille, for starters. Even the Ram signature logo often ain't where it used to be. You have seven grilles to choose from, three head and taillight selections and 15 new wheel designs with stronger six-bolt hubs. If that isn't enough to slow you down with analysis paralysis, you are also going to have to decide between an extended or crew cab and a 5-foot, 7-inch or a 6-foot, 4-inch bed. Just when you think you have enough keep you up at night, the 1500 also boasts three different versions of its Uconnect infotainment system and you will have to figure out whether you want the 8.4 inch or the 12 inch touch screen. Tough decisions.
Be honest, When you look at the inside of a truck cab, are you thinking, hey, that's pretty nice for a truck? Then be prepared to be dazzled. Every trim offers an unmatched style and beauty from the Tradesman on up to the Limited. Having trouble deciding if the interior is a cushy office or the inside of a truck? With all of the updates, you will never have to figure that out. The console lid doubles as a desk and there's space for your laptop, a bag, your phone and that swarthy brew of mud. For the more refined truck owner, Ram gives you two choices of luxury trucks: The Laramie Longhorn with its saddlebags and the Limited with its contemporary flair. There's wood, there's metal, there's leather and really, do you need anything else?
If that wasn't enough, the crew cab versions have seats that flip up, giving you more space to hide all your valuables. Like the vintage muscle mags you found at that flea market or that bottle of smooth whiskey you picked-up for you and your friends on fight night. Don't forget the mix. Under the rear floormats are the RamBins you love, but now they're even bigger. Are, your kids are always fighting about who gets to ride shotgun? No more! The back seat reclines and is heated and cooled. The science of physics determines that this cannot be done at the same time, however. Prepare yourself for a new fight over who gets to sit in style and comfort in the back. Back seat! Called it first! No, you didn't!
I bet you're wondering what's under the hood. Wait no longer! Two of the three 2019 Ram 1500 engines are mild hybrid power plants referred to as eTorque, which improves fuel economy and performance. Small starter generators are enclosed in the rear wall of the cab to assist the stop/start system in providing torque, allowing the engine to remain at cruising speed longer, without having to downshift.
The eTorque system comes standard on the 3.6 litre V-6, giving it 305 HP with 269 lb-ft of torque. For a bit more you can get, well, a bit more. The 5.7 litre V-8 cranks up 395 HP and 410 lb-ft of torque. How do you like them apples? We thought so. There is also a non-eTorque 5.7 litre V8 that generates output somewhere between the two eTorque systems. Rear-wheel drive is standard, as is an eight-speed automatic. Also available are four-wheel drive, limited slip or locking rear axles and three final drive ratios.
We believe FCA has created the best melding of form and function in its coil-spring rear suspension. While this suspension does sacrifice some towing and capacity in a trade-off for a smoother ride, we are willing to wager you'll be pleasantly surprised. You also have the option of a four-corner air suspension with five ride heights and load leveling that beats out even the best of the other guys' offerings. Maximum towing capacity is still at a rewarding 12, 750 lbs and payload is up to 2, 320 lbs. Now that's streamlined engineering.
They've raised the bar on the bed. Rails are now 1.5 inches higher giving you more space for whatever you've got to haul. RamBoxes are optional and take up very little space. You've still got the Ram bed extender and cargo divider which can be stored against the cab when not in use. Ram didn't miss a beat in giving you a way to keep an eye on your cargo. Once again, they have offered the CHMSL-mounted camera that makes you feel a bit better about monitoring that sloppy knot you tied. And, speaking of knots, you have the standard four tie-downs or you can add an optional extra four rail-mounted moveable tie-downs. Never a lack of choices! So, now you're wondering about bed accessibility aren't you? One of the optional air suspension benefits is the lowering of the bed's step-up height to that of the bumper step. On the standard suspension, there's a kick-down rear step that you can nicely hide away behind the rear bumper. It's true. They've thought of everything.
Remember when you had to get your neighbour, Gus, to direct you in hooking up your camper? A cringe-worthy experience, wasn't it? And let's face it, Gus is aging by the minute and those new pop-bottle lenses don't exactly inspire confidence, do they? Fear not! Ram is back with their rearview cameras allowing you the peace of mind you deserve, before heading out on the open road with your splashy new trailer. Rely on the high resolution cameras and let Gus watch his game. And just because new technology is fun, you have the option of purchasing blind-spot sensors which measure the length of your trailer and then include it in your alert zone. Fun!
And now, I bet you're wondering just how much weight you can tow? Feel free to pack that keg in the trailer, because you can roll 8,300 lbs behind your truck. Heck, you can even throw in those honey garlic wings and a five gallon pail of potato salad, if you want.

I am guessing that fuel efficiency is not foremost on your mind when buying a truck. But if your daughter comes home with an assignment from her Environmental Science class, demanding to know the size of your truck's carbon footprint, you can rest assured, knowing the Ram's V8 is the most fuel efficient in its class. The eTorque engine makes a big difference and if you combine that with sleek aerodynamics, you've got a truck that will even make your daughter proud! It's also nice waving at a gas station as you go by, instead of having to pull in and fill up, isn't it?

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