When should you get your CV joints, front and rear axle, and driveshaft checked? One of the best ideas is to be aware of a few different signals that could mean any of them needs to be repaired. If you accelerate and you feel your vehicle vibrating, your axle or driveshaft might need to be looked at. The driveshaft, a cylindrical steel or aluminum component that connects your transmission to the rear differential, is what transfers the torque to the drive wheels. Since the axle of your vehicle carries of its weight, it has to absorb all of the effects of either braking or acceleration. In front-wheel-drive vehicles, CV joints are used on the front axles to allow for all bending in the axle when the wheels bounce against the road surface.

Another signal to be aware of is if you hear any clunking or clicking sounds when you drive, since that could means that the CV joint in your vehicle needs repair or replacement. Any issues with steering or turning can indicate that a driveshaft is not functioning properly. It’s important to know that the axle, CV joint and driveshaft components are all crucial in the good performance of your car, truck or SUV. Since they can degrade over time, they need to be inspected and repaired at regular intervals. Contact us to find out more about driveshaft/axle and differential inspection and repair!

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